Re: WinDV Issue gateway list differs

J G Shaw


I wonder if the hosts files on each PC are identical? Or, perhaps the second PC hosts files do not have the contents you need since they probably came from the installation zip file.

The WinDV hosts files are located in:
C:\. . . .  Window_(C:) > Programs (x86) > MicroWalt Corporation > WinDV

NOTE: The WinDV hosts files are in a “protected” directory



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Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2018 4:22 PM
Subject: [nw-digital-radio] WinDV Issue gateway list differs


I have WinDV on one PC and when using the "quick tunes" configuration, I get a LONG list of reflectors and gateway repeaters including  my nearby RF Dstar repeater.   This is useful for connecting to my local Dstar repeater via my ThumbDV.   For various reasons I want to use a a different PC.  I installed WinDV on it (same version as on other PC) but when I go to configure quick tunes I am not presented with the same lengthy list of repeaters to add to quick tunes.  I have tried all sorts of things but can't get the desired repeater even though i can with same software on different PC.  I have the call sign server st for Free*star 
Andy K3UK 

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