Re: Looking for information to build Analog/Digital Hotspot

Lloyd Mitchell

I suggest you look into the STM32 type boards for the repeater.

One is the board for the repeater interface

I highly suggest the DV-MEGA with a rasp pi as the mobile unit both of the boards can perform very well with the Pi-Star Firmware

There are many other boards and setup, but this one I have found to work with minimal other interfaces or mobile routers

KO4L Lloyd

On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 10:26 AM, N9UMJ <n9umj2@...> wrote:
I've heard some chatter about an analog hotspot, I believe it was an mmdvm-urdc, I would like to find out more and to see if there are any boards already available the could shield to a pi?

I saw where NW Digital had a urdc board for Dstar, is this something that could be used or is another board or an arduino required.

I would like to add one to my DR1x repeater and have another as a mobile hotspot?

Thanks for all replies

Rick N9UMJ

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