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Kristoff Bonne <kristoff@...>

Hi William,

I also have a friendlyarm.

What distro are you running on yours?

When using its linux native distro, I managed to get ALSA to work (which I need for my tests with gmsk modem), but getting anything else ported to it gives me all kind of issues).

I also tried angrom linux which does have a lot of packages ported, but I couldn't get ALSA to work on it correctly.

Kristoff - ON1ARF

On 13-06-12 18:25, William Stillwell - KI4SWY wrote:

Makes me what to try on my friendlyarm boards which are way faster then rasberypi.


Raspberry pi is great for graphics as it has a very good video processor.


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Hi Bruce,


Yes there is a big waiting list, I got myself on the list within the first day or two of the announced availability and just received mine.


The APC computer is indeed interesting, but since they are not yet available it's hard to say if a Debian install will be easy.  I'll leave that to others.


There are a few other options like the Sheeva Plug, Beagleboard, etc.  The gateway code is pretty distribution agnostic, but most folks run it on Debian or Red Hat derivitives.   So if you have a "beefy" enough ARM processor and a Linux OS, it can probably be made to work.


Since the UDR56K already has the processor board, no external board will be required.  It will not only be able to run the gateway and half-duplex access (hotspot) through it's own radio, but I'm fairly confident that you could run a couple of USB connected node adapters and build a mini-stack.  Since ircDDBGateway also talks to Icom's RP2C, you might be able to integrate the UDR56K to add say 56K DD and let it also run the RP2C, eliminating the need for a separate computer.


One repeater configuration may be to use an external receiver with a node adapter and dvrptr board (I would probably not use the soundcard solution) combined with splitrepeater to build a full repeater with the UDR5 6K.

John D. Hays

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On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 5:49 AM, Bruce Given <bruce.given@...> wrote:

There is a LARGE waiting list from what I can gather
the other board that you might want to look at is from VIA
url is here

they are starting to ship in July, it comes with Android , But it
should not be too difficult to get
debian or something similar up and running on it.

I have ordered a couple and want to try them for various Ham radio
digital projects
including pairing with UDR56K


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