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Was the XC-3006 supposed to come with power pin?  Case cut?  Or the screws?


I found screws, modified the case, but don’t so far have the right power plug size.  Is it a standard you can advise on?






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Let me be very clear. 

NW Digital Radio built and distributed the hardware (boards) for the XLX group, on the understanding that all software support for ambed and the XLX reflector system would come from the XLX group. 

NW Digital Radio fully supports it's products to the extent that they are NW Digital Radio's design and construction. The XC-3006/USB-3006 was not designed by NW Digital Radio, it was designed by 
Jean-Luc Deltombe  (LX3JL) who is one of the principals behind the XLX system.  NW Digital Radio assisted by using their manufacturing capability to make the boards available to the community, as a one time build. (It is not a regular product of NW Digital Radio) 

NW Digital Radio warrants the boards for 90 days for any manufacturing defects.  The boards that have shipped have all been run through the ambedtest and passed.

Information on where to get software support is stated here:


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I'm a little disappointed that NW Digital isn't more supportive with documentation than they are?






John D. Hays


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