Re: XC-3006 First Look

Lloyd Duck

I did the same with an old 12v 1.2a power wallwart I had and drilled out the two holes for the case. The screws were just for the lid to the case so the board flops around inside the case some. 

 Performance wise it’s working great! I still kept the two thumbdv’s plugged in and have 8 channels transcoding now. 

Thanks NWdigital! 


On Sun, Jun 10, 2018 at 8:18 PM <raymond.strickoff@...> wrote:
For power I whacked the end off an old 5v 2a power brick for a USB hub and wired it directly into the 12v side of a molex connector inside the machine running XLX and ambed.

After that I dug deeper in the envelope it came in and found the plug and screws.

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