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Kristoff Bonne <kristoff@...>

Hi John,

On 13-06-12 03:42, John D. Hays wrote:
I've been working on a port of Jonathan's gateway and pcrepeatercontroller software to the ARM processor for the coming UDR56K ( digital radio.  It has been running for a couple of months on KF7UFZ gateway (currently B).

I received my $35 Raspberry Pi ( Linux computer yesterday and this evening I had a few minutes after work and copied my port and configuration files over to the Raspberry Pi.  I am successfully testing ircDDBGateway with GMSKRepeater (NQMHS board/DUTCH*Star beta firmware).  I connected to REF001C to get some traffic and successfully made contacts with 3-4 stations.

I don't happen to have an Icom RP2C here at the shack to test, but Jonathan's ircDDBGateway does support it as a controller.

root@raspberrypi:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
Processor       : ARMv6-compatible processor rev 7 (v6l)

Wouldn't it be interesting to make up a lost on what ARM hardware or other platforms this software runs.

The raspi is now proven.
I have a pandaboard running ubuntu on which I can test this. There is also the beaglebone. I think Jonathan also mentioned the hawkboard (I don't know if he actually did run it on that board).

I really like something like the beaglebone as it has a smaller formfactor that the beagleboard or pandaboard, does have USB and ethernet, it runs a off-the-shelf distro and also allows for hardware extensions using the GPIO port and the serial port if you want to interface it with -say- an arduino based platform. (say something to interface it with a weather station, or get it to play out messages when the voltage of the battery goes low).

Kristoff - ON1ARF

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