Re: ThumbDV + DMR + Mac?

Annaliese McDermond

Just a statement from the author:

If someone would like DMR support in Buster, the source code is available on my GitHub account.  I would be happy to take a pull request with DMR support as long as it’s well written.  That being said, I have no interest personally in DMR, so I won’t be spending my time on writing that support.  Open source projects like this are largely “scratch your own itch” based as far as features go.  DMR support isn’t my itch, but I’m not going to stop anyone else from scratching theirs.  And, no, monetary donations because you can’t code aren’t going to make DMR become any more itchy to me.

— Anna, NH6Z

On Aug 1, 2018, at 9:34 AM, Michael Marusin <mike@...> wrote:

Hey everyone - does anyone know of options to access DMR through a ThumbDV on a Mac?
I know Buster supports DStar but am unaware of any other options to be able to connect to DMR while on a Mac. I travel a lot for work with my laptop and not carrying around a RPi or anything along those lines. Thoughts / suggestions?


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