Re: ThumbDV + DMR + Mac?

Annaliese McDermond

And to be crystal clear on this:

Buster is *NOT* a NWDR product. It is a personal project I started to scratch a personal itch I had. I released it to others in hopes that it would be useful. It is not in any way supported by NWDR other than making the hardware that I support. Yes, I am a partner in NWDR, but Buster is separate from that position.

— Anna, NH6Z

On Aug 1, 2018, at 10:10 AM, Steve Stroh <> wrote:


NWDR has discussed this several times in talks that I've attended,
that implementing a DMR compatible mode for Thumb DV and their other
voice codec products is fraught with peril over patent issues by
Motorola, and thus they don't intend to directly support DMR.

If it were me in your situation, I'd buy one of the small hotspots
that support multiple voice modes that include DMR. It's not that much
more to carry, and it's plug and play, unlike a Raspberry Pi solution.
I'd get one that supports Ethernet so you can just plug it into your
Mac's Ethernet port when it's on Wi-Fi.

Steve N8GNJ

On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 9:34 AM, Michael Marusin <> wrote:
Hey everyone - does anyone know of options to access DMR through a ThumbDV
on a Mac?
I know Buster supports DStar but am unaware of any other options to be able
to connect to DMR while on a Mac. I travel a lot for work with my laptop and
not carrying around a RPi or anything along those lines. Thoughts /


Steve Stroh (personal / general):

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