Re: ThumbDV + DMR + Mac?

Steve Stroh

Apologies for my inadvertently conflating Buster and NWDR's products.

In my reply, I was specifically referring to (but not being explicit
about) products made (or proposed) by NWDR, such as the late, and very
lamented UDRX radio, and overall explaining that NWDR seems very
cautious about DMR.

In talks he's given over the years, Bryan K7UDR was asked several
times if the UDRX would support digital voice modes such as D-Star,
DMR, P25, etc. Bryan explained the issue with Motorola asserting
various patents relating to DMR, and then said that because of that,
NWDR wouldn't, itself, be supporting DMR, but that with the right
software (NOT supplied by NWDR), its products could do DMR... the
entire point of open source software.


Steve N8GNJ

On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 10:15 AM, Annaliese McDermond <> wrote:
And to be crystal clear on this:

Buster is *NOT* a NWDR product. It is a personal project I started to scratch a personal itch I had. I released it to others in hopes that it would be useful. It is not in any way supported by NWDR other than making the hardware that I support. Yes, I am a partner in NWDR, but Buster is separate from that position.

— Anna, NH6Z
Steve Stroh (personal / general):

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