ThumbDv on Win 10 - need basics to get started

Daniel Lipkie <DanielLipkie@...>

I am running Win 10 pro. I have inserted the ThumbDv and downloaded ThumbTest.exe and I get these results when I run it

Available Ports:
Enter COM port value (Default: COM1): COM3
Baud Rate(default:9600): 460800
a  9
a 0AMBE3000R
a 1 1V120.E100.XXXX.C106.G514.R009.B0010411.C0020208

So it appears to be connecting. 

Where do I find the next pieces of software and instruction on how to install and use? I've been looking at drivers etc via websearch but don't seem to be able to find the "tutorial steps" to get up and running. I've used D-Star via my HT but this is my first attempt via pc.


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