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Ha!  Of course you would have the answer as the author of the software.

It did indeed recognize the ThumbDV and the vocoder.  Is this something I would need to do every time or just an initial situation?

Just the first time.  What happens is that Buster initially defaults to the 230400 baud rate.  On first launch, it tries to talk to the ThumbDV at the wrong baud rate, and you get the “cannot talk to vocoder” dialog box.  The issue is that the wrong baud rate confuses the AMBE chip on the ThumbDV, so it essentially locks up.  Even if you now set the correct baud rate, it won’t work.  So, you have to get the baud rate set, and then reset the ThumbDV by reinserting it.  This makes it talk and everything’s good.  Buster will now remember this good configuration until you change it to something else.

On some reflection, what I probably should do is default the baud rate to 0, which guarantees things will fail without talking to the ThumbDV.  Then when people reset it, things are all good.

Anyhow, I’m glad you could get it to work.  Have fun with it!

Blessings, and thanks for your creativity …

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