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Hi Gary,

A 'hotspot' and using the ThumbDV are two different applications.

The ThumbDV is an AMBE-3000 device married to a FTDI USB Serial chip.  It provides the function of converting digitized (PCM) voice to AMBE+ (and in some applications to AMBE+2) and back over a USB serial port.  All other functions, such as audio to/from the speaker and microphone, network communications, GUI, etc. are performed by the applications that use it. User applications include such programs as Buster, BlueDV, DummyRepeater,  ... there are also daemon/service applications which can use the ThumbDV for transcoding such as AMBEserver, ambed, AllStar Digital tools, etc.  The ThumbDV does not provide any RF directly and is not required in most 'hotspot' applications.

Hotspot applications are composed of an RF deck, modems (usually soundcard based), and programs to wrap and unwap protocols.  They are accessed using a D-STAR radio.  Some applications for this include dstarrepeater, BlueDV, WinDV, PiStar.  Our Raspberry Pi hat products like the UDRC provide the soundcard and control lines to implement a hotspot using a radio with a 9600 baud packet connection (or 4 wire radio interface -- discriminator out, modulator in, PTT, Squelch Detect).   The UDRC is currently out of stock but will be replaced with a new product in the coming weeks.  The new product will control 2 radios and has a built in GPS (time and position).

Please visit the ambe and udrc subgroups of this group to talk to others about the applications they have used with the ThumbDV and UDRC products.

On Thu, Aug 9, 2018 at 9:13 AM, Gary McBroom <73064macgyver@...> wrote:
I have been using the Thumb DV with my Mac and it is working flawless.  I'm interested in getting a Raspberry Pi 3+.  Can this be used as a portable hotspot and if so do I need a PI display to change Reflectors.  Also do you use your handheld (Icom 51) to transmit to the Pi?


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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