Re: MMDVM for udrc II

Annaliese McDermond

It’s not in the wiki because it’s a bug. I just uploaded a new package that I’m hoping will solve the issue and you won’t have to use the workaround

Annaliese McDermond (NH6Z)
Xenotropic Systems

On Aug 10, 2018, at 7:43 PM, Hans Oeste <> wrote:

Wow! I'm glad I asked as that's pretty simple.

It would be great if that was in the wiki. It would have saved me quite a few installs and pretty much a full day trying to figure out what was going on when trying the different package updates.


On August 10, 2018 4:04:31 PM "Basil Gunn" <> wrote:

BTW, running 'sudo apt-get upgrade' installs stuff that causes the udrc to
vanish, so I am currently reframing from installing about 10 packages.
Kernel, video and systemd stuff. Thoughts?
The following brings the udrc driver modules back after an apt-get upgrade:

apt-get remove udrc-dkms
apt-get install udrc-dkms


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