Re: MMDVM for udrc II



There was something from SalmonCON I was supposed to followup with you on... Some question about the KX3...?  Audio amplification level adjustment or hardware questions?

Second - just basic questions - how do I go about learning that "apt-get remove udrc-dkms" does something specific... and maybe secondarily, how do you remember all that stuff?  Where does a guy go to learn it and leave the evil world of windows behind?

Thanks - probably not a simple question and it is probably so far in your past it may not be possible to recall... But thanks.

Third - will I see you at Summer Gathering?    I'll be there... plans are afoot.


Curt Black - West Seattle Amateur Radio Club

206 755-4541c



On 2018-08-10 16:04, Basil Gunn wrote:
BTW, running 'sudo apt-get upgrade' installs stuff that causes the udrc to
vanish, so I am currently reframing from installing about 10 packages.
Kernel, video and systemd stuff. Thoughts?
The following brings the udrc driver modules back after an apt-get upgrade:

apt-get remove udrc-dkms
apt-get install udrc-dkms


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