Re: Internet Fail & Cell Weakness = Need for Ham Network?

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As someone noted, D-Star is getting a bit long in the tooth
so it was inevitable that an alternative would appear - thus

Icom has to decide to play-nicely or to try to block Yaesu,
and/or sabotage efforts to interconnect, and then Hamdom
will have to choose a path based on all of that.

Meanwhile, IPv6, APRS, and other technologies need to be
leveraged into an interoperable, redundant network that is
nearly impossible to break -- with Icom's cooperation or
around them as necessary.

Indeed; this is something that is highly needed with linked systems
like D-Star, and to a lesser extent with Amateur use of DMR and

Matthew Pitts N8OHU

Thanks! & 73,
David Colburn
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