Linux RMS - headed for digital dustbin?

Randy Neals

It appears that LinuxRMS may stop working in the near future when Winlink CMS stops supporting legacy mode.

Has anyone made LinBPQ work with Direwolf?
I’d like to do that on. RPi w/UDRC.
(For clarity, as a Winlink RMS Gateway, not a client)

Randy W3RWN

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Both Lee Inman and I have been trying at various times since June 2017 to reach either Brian, W3SG or Hans, the creator and maintainer of Linus RMS Gateway. The Winlink system changed it's web services last year and info was provided to them so they could update Linux RMS Gateway to be compatible with the new CMS web services. We have been maintaining both the old and new CMS web services as all our partner authors made their updates. The time to shut the legacy support down is approaching after a year or more. All other authors have managed to make the needed changes.

So, with numerous private emails going unanswered, this our last attempt to urge Brian, Hans, or whoever is now maintaining this software to engage and update version to use the current Winlink standard CMS connections and web services.

If someone new is now managing this package, please contact us through the Winlink web site. We can provide all the technical information needed.

If this is not resolved and you operate a gateway using Linux RMS Gateway, please do your best to inform the authors of the urgency of this request, and if you also get no response, we strongly suggest you consider a move to a different software package. LinBPQ is well maintained, as are the WDT's Windows-based offerings.

Please pass this message along to anyone you think might be affected. Thanks!


Lor Kutchins, W3QA


Amateur Radio Safety Foundation, Inc.

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Winlink Development Team


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