Re: Internet Fail & Cell Weakness = Need for Ham Network?

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Not really; most currently available digital voice systems aren't directly compatible, even within the same technology, so we have to find alternate ways to interconnect them as it is. I'm also hearing that some groups don't even want to allow connections from within their own technology if it's not from their preferred manufacturer, so it's not a matter of the manufacturers like Icom preventing such things. I'm actually talking to a guy that has an NXDN system about interlinking our different systems.

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As someone noted, D-Star is getting a bit long in the tooth
so it was inevitable that an alternative would appear - thus

Icom has to decide to play-nicely or to try to block Yaesu,
and/or sabotage efforts to interconnect, and then Hamdom
will have to choose a path based on all of that.

Meanwhile, IPv6, APRS, and other technologies need to be
leveraged into an interoperable, redundant network that is
nearly impossible to break -- with Icom's cooperation or
around them as necessary.

> Indeed; this is something that is highly needed with linked systems
> like D-Star, and to a lesser extent with Amateur use of DMR and
> Matthew Pitts N8OHU


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