Re: Linux RMS - headed for digital dustbin?


Wine has not been ported to the ARM architecture, so NO Windoze app will work on a RPi.

Is the real challenge here a Winlink development team which is myopic in their support for various operating systems? If W1HKJ can build, test, and support three operating systems for the FLDigi suite, why can't they? In Emcomm situations, where interoperability is the key, that just doesn't make sense.

It is most difficult to be boxed into a position where one has to tell a volunteer that they must pay homage to a large company in Redmond, Washington, in order to use Winlink Express forms. That would be like telling hams they all have to buy radios from the same company.

We need to have a viable RPi solution for very portable Emcomm use, both in the client (with forms) and RMS rolls.


Basil Gunn wrote on 10/4/18 2:29 PM:

Scott Currie<> writes:

plinBPQ is not a platform you can run WE on. It can serve as a CMS
gateway, or even a connection to a TNC/soundcard for WE to use, but
you would still need to install WE "elsewhere". Getting WE to install
and run on the Pi architecture is indeed difficult if not
impossible. Certainly not something I would suggest.
Yes my apologies if anyone thought I was promoting that. You can NOT run
WE or most/any windows apps on an ARM platform under wine. I am not a
fan of wine ... the not an emulator thing. The native linux apps work
pretty well for winlink messaging when using an RPi/Direwolf/UDRC.

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