Re: Internet Fail & Cell Weakness = Need for Ham Network?

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I can’t agree with your reading of the situation. Yaesu has not offered an alternative – all they have offered is a radio: no infrastructure, nothing, just a radio that is pretty well incompatible with any of the other offerings amateurs are embracing.


On the D-Star side, it is no longer just Icom but many third party developers enhancing the system significantly and at the same time reducing the cost. The only thing that is long in the tooth is AMBE and it works so there is no reason to look for another codec.


All Icom has to do is keep developing user-friendly, cost effective hardware along the lines of the ID-31 and with the third party infrastructure development D-Star will continue to grow: just look at the number of ircDDB based repeaters that are on line today compared with a year ago!


Just my opinion but it is based on the rate of increasing acceptance of D-Star that I have observed…





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As someone noted, D-Star is getting a bit long in the tooth
so it was inevitable that an alternative would appear - thus

Icom has to decide to play-nicely or to try to block Yaesu,
and/or sabotage efforts to interconnect, and then Hamdom
will have to choose a path based on all of that.

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