Re: Linux RMS - headed for digital dustbin?

Randy Neals

Bud, that's an interesting solution - I've not used FL Digi forms capability.
I suppose you could fun FSQ and FLMSG simultaneously.

I'm wondering if the forms capability in FL Digi is compatible with the forms in Winlink Express?

Randy, W3RWN

On Thu, Oct 4, 2018 at 5:27 PM, Budd Churchward <budd@...> wrote:
Whatcom county is doing something very interesting to solve these problems and it works very well on a Rpi with a UDRC controller. We are using Fldigi with Flmsg running MT-63 2000L on VHF. Flmsg supports the ICS forms. MT-63 sends very fast with error correction. We also use FSQ. This works for us because all units only need to communicate with the county EOC and they talk to the rest of the state. MT-63 allows you to broadcast the message, which means that all stations copy it at the same time. Each one does not have to make its own connection and download the message separately. BTW Fldigi runs on all platforms, so it works with any computer.
At the Red Cross in Bellingham, when we want to send a message with WinLink, we use a Windows laptop which connects it to the same Rpi and UDRC using TCP/IP over our local network. Our regular WinLink operator is not a Linux guy. All we had to do was make a simple change in a menu and everything was the same as what he has always done.
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Subject: Re: [nw-digital-radio] Linux RMS - headed for digital dustbin?
For EmComm oriented clients, there are a few key functions necessary in client software:
-Forms ie: HTML/CSS Forms creation & content-only transport
-Tactical Address Support

Outpost, Pat, Paclink (but not Paclink-Unix) and Winmail Express support tactical addressing.
Only Winlink Express supports Forms.

I'd dearly love to see a client that supports Forms and Tactical addresses that would run on a Raspberry Pi, such as the new DRAWS station.

It has been my experience that nearly every time I fire up my ham radio ThinkPad, that it wants to download an update or do something other than the Winlink message I want to send.

On Thu, Oct 4, 2018 at 2:29 PM, Basil Gunn <basil@...> wrote:

Scott Currie <scott.d.currie@...> writes:

> plinBPQ is not a platform you can run WE on. It can serve as a CMS
> gateway, or even a connection to a TNC/soundcard for WE to use, but
> you would still need to install WE "elsewhere". Getting WE to install
> and run on the Pi architecture is indeed difficult if not
> impossible. Certainly not something I would suggest.

Yes my apologies if anyone thought I was promoting that. You can NOT run
WE or most/any windows apps on an ARM platform under wine.  I am not a
fan of wine ... the not an emulator thing. The native linux apps work
pretty well for winlink messaging when using an RPi/Direwolf/UDRC.



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