Re: Internet Fail & Cell Weakness = Need for Ham Network?

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We will have to map around the stubborn for the sake of the goal.

There's always another Ham (or Hams), another tower (or towers),
another way.

The absence of a robust, independent, redundant, and diverse wireless
network has represented a serious weakness in the larger system.

SEDAN tried to fill the gap with Packet, APRS covers a lot of ground,
and D-Star has a role but suffers multiple liabilities (not the least
of which are cost, complexity, and poor grassroots adoption).


Not really; most currently available digital voice systems aren't
directly compatible, even within the same technology, so we have to
find alternate ways to interconnect them as it is. I'm also hearing
that some groups don't even want to allow connections from within
their own technology if it's not from their preferred manufacturer,
so it's not a matter of the manufacturers like Icom preventing such
things. I'm actually talking to a guy that has an NXDN system about
interlinking our different systems. Matthew Pitts N8OHU

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