Re: Linux RMS - headed for digital dustbin?

Stuart Longland VK4MSL

On 05/10/18 12:05, sancudo wrote:
What Scott is saying rings true with me bc I've taught ham classes
locally and KISS is a big four letter word when it comes to my students
trying get hardware to work with simple software. Most folks barely know
how to access Windows, much less Linux or ARM based software. 
Yeah, well… KISS to me means dedicated system that just does ONE thing.
Maybe an embedded CPU of some kind running an emcomm application out of
ROM (flash).

If you want Linux that just does one thing and one thing well, perhaps
one can provide a USB stick/CD-R for you to boot off, and your machine
will do *only* that thing.

You're basically making an appliance. A single-board computer running
Linux such as a Raspberry Pi gets close. Still a lot of complexity
going on, but you've got more scope for paring it down to bare essentials.

I can freely do this with Linux, so long as I can lay my hands on the
sources in the event you ask me for them (GPLv2 clause 2b). I can also
do it with *BSD, and then I don't even have to give you the source.

If I try handing you Windows on a USB stick, I'm liable to be sued for
copyright violation unless I spend megabucks on appropriate licenses for
each and every copy I hand out.

That said, Windows in the right hands is a perfectly viable OS. There
are ways you can tame it and coerce it into working for you.

This is really beside the point however.

To quote what I actually said in my last email:
On 05/10/18 08:27, Stuart Longland wrote:
This is just a symptom of a larger problem, people who write software
for legacy operating systems only and don't document how their software

Really, it should not matter that Winlink Express is Windows-only. It
should not matter that they only support Windows.

The protocol should be open and documented. Sufficient for someone to
come up with an alternate but interoperable system.
If the details of Winlink Express are available and openly implementable
by anyone, this becomes a non-issue. You use Winlink Express, I use
whatever the hell I want, both tools talk the same language, we can

I don't have to use Gmail to send you this reply, nor do you have to be
running Thunderbird to receive my reply. Our email clients speak the
same language: Unicode, RFC-822 and Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.

It wasn't that long ago that the latter bit (MIME) was not a feature of
email clients, and so sending an attachment to someone was truly a dark
art requiring a good understanding of tools like `uuencode`. (My memory
is hazy, but I seem to recall Trumpet Mail & News reader on Windows 3.1
circa 1996 having problems in this department.)

What we use over the air should be the same.

If Microsoft get bored of running that activation server your Windows XP
box phones home to, preventing you from re-installing the OS when your
HDD crashes, or the latest Windows 10 update prevents you from
installing applications that aren't from the "Windows Store", you're not
stuck for a replacement computer, you can grab whatever's to hand and
load on whatever compatible replacement software.

So long as *you* know how to drive your end, I know how to drive mine,
and the two "systems" talk the same language, that is all that matters.
Stuart Longland (aka Redhatter, VK4MSL)

I haven't lost my mind...'s backed up on a tape somewhere.

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