Re: Linux RMS - headed for digital dustbin?

Scott Currie

Indeed. Apparently my last post was deemed inappropriate. I'll reword it...

All the WE standard forms are downloadable in a zip file using the manual update process:
Or you can pull them from an installed instance of WE, they live in the "RMS Express\Standard Templates" directory.
Instructuctions for creating forms and how the process works is clearly explained in the WE help files:
HTML Forms
Winlink Express supports using html forms for requesting input from users.  This is similar to using <ask...> and <select...> fields in templates, but it provides the full power of html including JavaScript, cascading style sheets, etc.  Since Winlink Express is intended for field use without the Internet, forms must be stored on the client computer, and they should not reference items through the web.  Here's an example of an html form.....
There are several pages dedicated to this with very detailed examples. Even a novice HTML author like me can create usable forms (in fact, a few of the standard forms did come from me). Someone with real HTML/CSS skills should have no trouble reading the doc and creating high quality forms.
-Scott, NS7C

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