NOAA issued an ALTTP2-0239 UTC - High speed particles escaped the sun!

A Schwarz

Hi Everybody;


NOAA issued a ALTTP2 alert. This is not the kind of alert I would expect at solar minimum. I also honestly have to admit this is the first time I see it. It states that we will be getting nit by a plasma cloud at the speed of almost 900km/s. This is fast! The only indication that there was a masse ejection is a B class solar x-ray-flux spike. Kp and proton flux are low too.

Conditions at the MDSR test station are still reasonable good, but if the type II emission hits we will get some serious propagation change. We cannot predict if this will be good or bad for    


Stay tuned!


Current conditions at the MDSR test station:

80m open S5

40m open S4

30m open S3

20m open S4

15m closed S3

10m closed S1


Watch it live here:


All the best and 73;


Alex - VE7DXW


NOAA Alert:


Space Weather Message Code: ALTTP2

Serial Number: 1068

Issue Time: 2018 Oct 12 0239 UTC


ALERT: Type II Radio Emission

Begin Time: 2018 Oct 12 0152 UTC

Estimated Velocity: 864 km/s

Description: Type II emissions occur in association with eruptions on the sun and typically indicate a coronal mass ejection is associated with a flare event.

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