Re: DPlus connection to REF001C failed - WinDV on WIn10 #cal-invite

Pete N

The problem I reported was caused by a defective router. However, even when I took my netbook to another location I found only the Free*Star VE3TNK ( callsign server worked. 

I tried WinDV a couple of days ago and I just tried it again (at a different location on a different computer). Both times/places it would not connect even using the Free*Star server.  the problem is the server is unreachable. I can't ping it. Tracert shows request timed out an the 9th hop.

WinDV has not been updated in a long time. Apparently there have been enough changes in DSTAR that WinDV no longer works. 

I followed the advice I got on downloaded and installed BlueDV. It works great with the ThumbDV.

The only disadvantage is I can't use it on my old Dell Mini 9 with XP. But there is a Linux version so I will probably convert the Mini 9 to Linux Mint.

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