Re: Thumb DV no REF Dplus connection


If you are able to connect to XRF reflectors, your ThumbDV is fine.

This is a software application question.  The applications look up reflectors and make the connection and handle the protocol.  The ThumbDV converts audio to AMBE and AMBE to audio, everything else is the application.

If you list what software you are using, and any error messages you are getting, someone may be able to help.  BTW, it would REF029A (in Logan UT), the 0 is significant.

The right subgroup is

Two typical blockers are, either your callsign isn't registered with US Trust ( or you have a bad address for the reflector.

On Fri, Oct 19, 2018 at 4:43 PM Michael Register via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I have been trying to connect to a local ref29a, the thumb dv says no, can connect to xrf and dcs but not ref reflector.
Has anyone had this problem or knows how to fix it?


John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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