Re: Internet Fail & Cell Weakness = Need for Ham Network?

"Howard Small" <howard@...>


And there is nothing patent encumbered in any of your other equipment? DSP chips
in new HF receivers, etc?

Except for the fact that it is patent encumbered and that is a stumbling
block for those of us who want an amateur radio community controlled,
from microphone to speaker, digital voice "standard", ala AX.25.

I think you missed the point that they are no longer the single source for D-Star equipment.
And what has emergency response got to do with our hobby? Some may wish to play that game but
it is only one facet.

And AMBE? This is a tired argument that is fairly meaningless. Finally, there is no expectation
by D-Star users that the rest of the community should conform in the same way that CW, packet, APRS, whatever
don’t have an expectation.

I have a strong suspicion that you have not looked into the developments associated with D-Star
recently …

Lemmings are never wrong. ;-)

At least the know what they are doing and why…



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