Re: Show US Your DRAW Photos

Herb Weiner

Or, you could 3D Print these Pi Stand Extenders (or order them 3D Printed for you) from Thingiverse. These are perfect for the Smarti-Pi case with my UDRC, and they should work with DRAWS as well.


On Nov 28, 2018, at 11:51 AM, Robert Sears <kf7vop@...> wrote:

I just realized they made the same mistake on the DRAWS as they did on the UDRC series.

The mini-din connectors are on the same side as they were on the UDRC. This means if you try to use one on the "Smarti-Pi" cases with the touchscreen and hinged base the cables will be in the way just like they are with the UDRC.

Oh well looks like I will have to remove the connectors like I did on the UDRC2


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