Re: Show US Your DRAW Photos

Basil Gunn

I gave the wrong url for the Sunfounder displays that I've used.
These are the correct urls for the 7" & 10" LCD displays.

One more feature that I like is they run on 12V.

Basil Gunn <> writes:

I just realized they made the same mistake on the DRAWS as they did on the UDRC series.
Not really a mistake if you use the superior SunFounder 7" monitor
(1024x600) which would have the HAT cables come out the top.

I personally prefer the Sunfounder 10" display with 1280x800 resolution
that allows enough screen real estate to run a mail client or
Xastir. With the 10" screen the cables face the bottom but the RPi is
mounted at the top of the display with plenty of room for the cables.

The 7" & 10" Sunfounders come with a built in speaker, RPi mounting
pieces & an HDMI cable to mate with the RPi. I believe (could be wrong)
both sizes come with a touch screen option.

The 800x400 Smart-Pi display was good for my console winlink apps, mutt
with paclink-unix, but really didn't cut it for anything with a gui.


The mini-din connectors are on the same side as they were on the UDRC. This means if you try to use one on the "Smarti-Pi" cases with the touchscreen and hinged base the cables will be in the way just like they are with the UDRC.

Oh well looks like I will have to remove the connectors like I did on the UDRC2
Or just buy a better video screen.

/Basil n7nix

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