Re: NWDR's take on Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+? #pi3a+



On Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 1:47 PM Steve Stroh <steve.stroh@...> wrote:
I'm curious about NWDR's take on the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ that was
recently announced.

I'm curious if the form factor (lower profile) of the 3 A+ is
compatible with DRAWS?
The 40 pin GPIO is supposed to be pin compatible, so the DRAWS Hat should be able to plug into it.  We have no plans internally to use the 3A+ and they aren't available for testing so we won't be able to give a definitive answer.  I am sure someone will give it a try and can share their experience with the community.   

Would the 512K of RAM on the 3 A+ (vs the 1 GB of RAM on the 3 B+) be
a significant factor in not being able to use DRAWS to its full
The driver requirements are not significant, so the real question is "Will your application run in 512MB along with the OS and supporting applications?"

What is probably more significant is the connectivity issues, only one USB port, no RJ-45 LAN port, etc.  By the time one adds an adapter like -- the cost savings are gone.  

Also, it's shorter form factor is not going to mate well with the DRAWS custom case, so someone would need to manufacture or provide a 3-D print for it.



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John D. Hays
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