Bring back the UDRC, alongside the DRAWS?

Chris - KC9AD

Given the sold-out popularity of both the UDRC and the DRAWS, and given the functionality and cost differences between the two, is there any possibility that NWDR would consider producing both products and offering two separate SKUs? The reason I ask is that I am one of those many non-APRS people. I love fldigi and direwolf but both of them run beautifully on the lower-cost UDRC-Pi combo; the extra DRAWS features do not help me. I would like to buy another UDRC or two if they would ever become available again. Thanks for the great products guys.

BTW, I use the Pi's Ethernet port all day every day to run my UDRC-Pi remotely, from across the room. Saves on keyboard, mouse, and display clutter. I also use it for a packet interface. So far, no RFI that I can detect.

BTW, BTW, I am not very technical, so I depend on the more technical members of the community to produce near-turnkey software images for me. And that sharing of software and expertise has made the UDRC-Pi very popular around here.

Thanks also to the NWDR community. 73.

Chris Doutre KC9AD

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