Re: Compass udrc kernel panic

Bernard f6bvp / ai7bg

I would like to thank all who sent a reply to my kernel panic message.

Basil Gunn contributed a lot in analyzing the screen dump :
" The kernel panic from your screen shot is from kernel file:
net/ax25/ax25_addr.c in routine ax25cmp() which compares two ax25
addresses one of which is null." he wrote.
His message reminded me an old bug I found in february 2016 in rose
ax.25 packet radio protocole, when ax25cmp has a NULL argument,
triggering a kernel panic.
Thus I patched the offending function and everything turned back to
excellent behavior.
I guess that Annaliese analysis is correct in that association of
Chromium and rose unraveled the old bug, during tasks swap (?).
I now have to convince netdev authority to accept the simple patch.
A couple of years ago it did not. However now that kernel panic occurs
systematically when opening Chromium the patch can be more easily accepted.

If not, I am thinking of adopting dkms for rose module to be
automatically re installed each time kernel updates. A package with dkms
rose module could be built, turning around "official" kernel distro.

Thanks again to you all.


Le 07/12/2018 à 15:35, Curt, WE7U a écrit :
On Thu, 6 Dec 2018, Annaliese McDermond wrote:

If you?d like to know my offhand guess as to what?s happening, I?d
guess that Chromium is trying to do a broadcast to all interfaces for
some reason.  Once you load the ax25 stack, the packet modem becomes a
network interface.  This broadcast packet is probably triggering a bug
in the ax25 stack due to it having some sort of freaky address (or
more accurately no address) by the time it gets there.  But this is
just a wild guess from hearing the symptoms.
Check Samba as well if it's loaded and running. It's a known contributor
to "talk to all interfaces" problems.

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