Re: Bring back the UDRC, alongside the DRAWS?



I purchased one of your ThumbDV's several months back. What is the best software to use with this product? Thanks!

Richard DeLowrey KN4JWK

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On Dec 7, 2018, at 11:00 AM, Bryan Hoyer <@K7UDR> wrote:

Making 2 products causes inventory issues and makes both more expensive.

After we launched the ThumbDV we still get a couple of requests per year for the PiDV but the economics don’t work out.

We spent a lot of time deciding on the GPS. With the UDRC one could add a USB GPS but that wouldn’t give you PPS, which is arguably not a necessity for Ham Radio but is pretty cool. DRAWS is also a 4 layer Board with additional features; ADC, serial port, and Expansion connector, which increases Ir’s cost.

We even did a survey and found that a majority of responders preferred the on board GPS.

By Comparison the popular Signal Link USB with Cable is $129.95 and has only 1 Radio Port and no GPS.

The best way to save Money is to do a group buy:

5% for 5 units 10% for 10. You can mix DRAWs and ThumbDV in the order.

Use coupons:



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