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Yes, the custom cable will work. You may have to change the alsamixer settings to get the correct audio input as DRAWS has an analog mixer in the front end to select Audio or Discriminator. Seeing as HF rigs don’t have discriminator you need to set alsamixer ti IN_2 instead of the default IN_1 as on the UDRC.

Send me your cable spec and I’ll check it. I have a KX3 Online with DRAWS in my shack.

Yes DRAWS can replace a SignalLink. Now I’m not bashing the SignalLink but the transformer coupled audio prevents doing 9600 FSK on the High End and 4800 GMSK on the Loe end.

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OK, so then it begs the question, two actually...
I had a custom cable made to interface between the UDRC-2 and my KX3. Will that cable work with my new to me DRAWS?
Can the DRAWS replace a signalink USB in additional to all of the other cool things it does?
PS, mine arrived day before yesterday, thank you, and I was thoroughly spanked by Canada customs and Canada Post (not thank you).

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Making 2 products causes inventory issues and makes both more expensive.

After we launched the ThumbDV we still get a couple of requests per year for the PiDV but the economics don’t work out.

We spent a lot of time deciding on the GPS. With the UDRC one could add a USB GPS but that wouldn’t give you PPS, which is arguably not a necessity for Ham Radio but is pretty cool. DRAWS is also a 4 layer Board with additional features; ADC, serial port, and Expansion connector, which increases Ir’s cost.

We even did a survey and found that a majority of responders preferred the on board GPS.

By Comparison the popular Signal Link USB with Cable is $129.95 and has only 1 Radio Port and no GPS.

The best way to save Money is to do a group buy:

5% for 5 units 10% for 10. You can mix DRAWs and ThumbDV in the order.

Use coupons:



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