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Jack Spitznagel


I will be interested to hear the NWD response to your question about fluctuations in power/mobile usage. The 12V line will not feed the display, you will need a separate 5V supply.

Experimenting now with a DRAWS, RPi 3B+, plus Raspberry 7" touch display mounted in a "SmartiPi Touch" display stand. This is all powered through the 5V "Y" microUSB adapter. I am using the stock 2.5A wall wart that Pi foundation supplies in their kits (probably groaning under load). I plan to change over to a higher capacity USB multiline charger when I find what I want. YMMV but this works for me.

Jack Spitznagel

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Sorry, I've been kind of slow keeping up with the DRAWS thing. From a quick scan, I see that it interfaces with two radios, has built in GPS and can do digital with any Linux software that will run on a RaspberryPi. So, I am guessing that includes fldigi for MT63/PSK31/etc.
and Xastir for APRS and, hopefully something for SSTV.

My plan is to use this mobile on my RPi 3 B+ which is on a standard Pi Touch 7" touch screen. Right now, I have a TNC-Pi connected and a Y-cable that powers the RPi and the touchscreen. The RPi powers the TNC-Pi through the header. It looks like the DRAWS has a 12V input that powers the RPi. Will this also power the touchscreen? How precise must the 12V input be? Can it handle the variations of vehicle voltage, which could swing from 10-14 volts?

My mobile radios are an Icom IC-7100 and a Yaesu FT-8900. It looks like I should simply be able to plug generic 6-pin DIN cables between the DRAWS and the data ports on the radios.

Looking on the NW Digital web page, it looks like they are taking orders for the next run of DRAWS. I'd like to get a warm fuzzy my plans are viable so I can go ahead and place an order.

tnx es 73,
Michael WA7SKG

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