Re: Digest Number 24

"qrv@..." <qrv@...>

Just visited here: <>

I am impressed!

I have owned a WRT-54G in the past and it was a robust

I have a WRT-300L here, I took it offline due to an
intermittent, it's not listed but I wonder if it might
work (not that the WRT-54G's are very expensive).

I didn't see anything re. inexpensive external amplifiers
or recommended mobile antennas; very little discussion
re. mobile at all via search, are mobile ops not a high
priority yet?

Based on my mobile travel plans the loop might take me
near as many as 11 HSMM-MESH nodes later this year.

HSMM-MESH just plain works. If more people would try it out it might
be much bigger.



Thanks! & 73,
David Colburn
I don't google I SEARCH!
Restored to design-spec at Heaven's gate 1Cor15:22

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