Re: New Case for RPi, DRAWS and 7 inch LCD - Looking for testers

Jack Spitznagel

I really like your concept here. It would answer some of the issues that came up for me while using the SmartiPi Touch Case as far as access to microSD card and perhaps the HDMI port… I could not tell if you had left access there.


Are you are planning on using a header cable for the GPIO? Could that leave the bus more open to RFI in field use.


Folks playing with DRAWS seem to have have found it better to use the buck regulator on the DRAWS board to power the RPi . All you need is a male to male micro USB power jumper like you can get from Drone vendors to route from DRAWS to the RPi. This would eliminate the need for a separate 5V supply. I supply my rig and the DRAWS from the same power source.


The RPi touch screen is nice but issues that came up for many who tried it:

  1. Xastir, wsjt-x and fldigi all have screen configuration menus that do not allow for resizing for this display. In some cases (particularly wsjt-x) this makes configuration and use difficult because parts of the lower windows are inaccessible.
  2. Typing into the screen is very difficult, making a wireless keyboard a must in my opinion.


BTW – all the DRAWS discussions are in the UDRC subgroup – Lots of great info there.

Jack – KD4IZ


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VE7KGV and I designed a case to allow use of the DRAWS Hat with a Raspberry Pi and 7 inch LCD but have no way to test it because we haven't gotten a DRAWS board to play with (Hopefully in the next couple of weeks).  As a result we've only been able to design this from the spec sheet.  The full design is on Thingiverse here

There are pictures there as well.

Would love any input you have on how to improve this design.


Steve and Kevin

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