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J G Shaw

Here is a Video to watch (8:50) that may help you resolve the issue:
“How to Setup BlueDV with a ThumbDV or DV MEGA AMBE3000 dongle”
NOTE: For DMR, be sure to pick a geographically appropriate Brandmeister server and/or DMRPlus server –
the ones shown in the video may not be the best choice for you.
If the video does not help you resolve the situation, it would be helpful if you provide more information such as,
1) copy of the BlueDV settings you are using for both DSTAR and DMR.
2)please advise if you can use BlueDV successfully on DSTAR?
3)please advise what DMR type you are hearing - Brandmeister? DMR+? etc.
4)please provide a snip/screen capture of your BlueDV main screen when you are listening to DMR.


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Does anyone have info on settings in BlueDV for Windows for DMR?
I can hear but can’t transmit.
I did get registered and have a DMR id.

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