Re: Internet Fail & Cell Weakness = Need for Ham Network?

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The same applies here - there must be long-distance linking
backbones to bridge those gaps - temporarily it could be
the Internet but long-term it needs to be wireless.

If we could get back the piece of 220 here that UPS took, then
wasted, perhaps that could be dedicated to the purpose?

I don't know, nor do I know what's available elsewhere.

For longer links perhaps a minimally-used piece of 10M or 15M
might be utilized?

Questions to be asked and answered in justifying this go to
how much we care about our role in disaster comms and what
are we willing to sacrifice to make it happen?

Is emcomm at least as important as paper-chasing?

I'm not sure we'd ever get the node density sufficiently high for it
to work in this part of the world. Mesh networks are all well and
good, but you have to have the sites to put the nodes. Australia is
a country of low density living, even our big cities are relatively
low density by world standards.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

Thanks! & 73,
David Colburn
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