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Gwen Patton

That's probably going to be the next major purchase for the fabrication section of my workbench, a good 3d printer. I'm tired of not being able to do things because I don't have a part, especially enclosures. 

On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 11:49 PM Willie - N8WP <wpeloqui@...> wrote:
I recently got a new printer. A Prusa i3 mk3. I am working on learn Focus 360, I could use some assistance from more experienced modelers and printers.



On Sun, Feb 24, 2019, 17:40 Jack Spitznagel <kd4iz@...> wrote:
Hi Basil and Dave,

@Dave, your comments on the RPi screen are pretty much spot on. I had a
spare one in a "SmartiPi" case I have been using to test an early adopter
DRAWS board during the betas. I posted my kitbash setup about a month ago or
so. It serves as my backup and porta-mobile digi right now and will work
adequately in the field with FLDigi. I use my workstation and laptop for
Winlink - so have not tried to set up those apps and cannot comment beyond
the notes below.

@Basil - re the 7" 800x480 RPi display - you want to have a (wireless)
keyboard with a mouse/pad!
1. Needs to be used in the shade.
2. Once RPi Stretch+Compass is set for "small screen" most stock RPi/Stretch
apps work adequately - IF you do not have vision issues.
3. Xastir is usable on the RPi screen once in fullscreen mode. Aspect ratio
makes for a weird map field (too short in some magnifications).
4. FLDigi/FLRig needed to be resized a little, but also will work in a
trouble-free manner once set up.
OTOH wsjt-x has configuration menus where critical that are inaccessible.
You can set them up if you know the default states and you know the order
that "Tab-bing" through setup selections proceeds, but it is a PITA.

Sunfounder 10"/Pi combo Questions:
Does the screen run off the buck regulator in the DRAWS card?
I originally passed on it because the display unit appeared to require its
own PS unit - the display kit with the acrylic stand and integral mounting
stuff seems to have solved that issue.
I need to eliminate the need for all but one PS (or Bioenno battery) as I
did with the early adopter kit.

Thanks for your comments-

Jack Spitznagel

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Looking for testers

I am in  agreement with you Dave.

The 7" Raspberry Pi 800 x 480 resolution touchscreen screens are much too
small for most (any) apps to work without a great deal of frustration.

The 7" Sunfounder 1024 x 600 resolution displays are marginally better but
still are not that great a user experience.

I find the 10" Sunfounder 1280 x 800 displays work pretty well.

Just my opinion of course.

I would be interested to find out what application people are using that
they find the RPi 7" 800 x 480 touchscreen works well.
I do not use any of my 7" displays any more.

You can find the Sunfounder displays on Amazon with or without touchscreen.

/Basil n7nix

Dave Phelps <dave.phelps@...> writes:

> Can't say anything about the case as I haven't even received a board
> yet, but I can chime in on he 7" raspi screen.
> It's not big enough to do any serious work on.
> A lot of programs with GUIs can't resize that small, and even if you
> were running it mostly headless and coming in off a vnc with a full
> size screen, that 7" screen won't allow you to resize your window to a
> better resolution. I ended up discarding it. That was my experience
> anyway.  Command line users, of course, won't notice a thing.

Willie Peloquin

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