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That sounds exactly what I'm wanting to do, I don' want them linked full time, only for nets and severe weather.
Is there plans or instructions how your was configured or do you have a config. file so I can get an idea how it's done,
I already have a draws board and and the DV3000u and wanted to incorporate what I already had, and The site is remote and solar powered.
There are several considerations I have to keep in mind, Unless the BlueDV program can run on a Raspberry Pi.and I can still use the DV3000UsB?
I'll try whatever I need to get it running , but If the draws boards would work, I was considering a group purchase for our repeater group to link more repeater in the state to their analog repeaters
Could you please share by PM or on the thread

Thank You for the reply and your information, looking forward to hearing more!

Rick n9umj

On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 1:19 AM Jim Brown via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I used the BlueDVWindows program in a beta release for the AMBE3000.  I did not use the DRAWS system, but did build an interface to allow the RS-232 control lines to signal PTT and SQ to my analog side.  The program has provisions for setting up the RS-232 control signals. 

I do the exact thing you are wanting to do - during our weekly net we integrate the analog repeaters with D-Star through the BlueDV program.  I have a write-up on the Interface if you are interested.

73 - Jim  W5ZIT at Yahoo dot com.

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