Re: Can't change Blue DV Settings on Win 10 #support #bluedv #thumbdv


You might consider navigating to

c:\users\(you)\AppData\local\ and find BlueDV directory and erase it. 

There is another directory under documents named BlueDV.

And check the ProgramFile(x86) to make sure the BlueDV directory has been removed after you have used the program add/removal utility in windows 10.

I had the same issue with DutchStar a while back but I don't remember where any "hidden" files are for that program.


Dave, WB7DFV

On 3/12/2019 12:38 PM, alstek@... wrote:
I use a Thumb DV with Blue DV on Win 10. I Haven't been able to change settings for months. Every time I try I get an "Unhandled Error" message. I've tried re-installing. No luck. Uninstalling does not remove all traces of the program. The new fresh install contains settings from the previous installation. Same with Win DV/ Dutch star program, it keeps old settings when re-installed & has become extremely slow to respond with it's gateway window. Anyone experience similar issues? Could there be conflicts between the two programs? Is there a method for doing an uninstall which completely removes every trace of the program? Thanks!

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