Re: Installing draws image

Dave Slotter, W3DJS

That error message dd is giving you is correct. You can't write an image file to a directory. You need to write an image file to the device representing the flash card.

You want of=/dev/X where "X" is the  name of the device. It could be sdd or mmcblk0. You'll have to ls your /dev directory to know for sure.

Hope this helps.



On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 8:39 PM Douglas KI7LIK <KI7LIK.AZ@...> wrote:
I am stuck.  I have gotten to the point of installing it via command line, but it just keeps saying that the card is a directory.

Here is the command:
dd bs=4M if=draws_beta9.img of=/media/pi/8B6D-99CF

dd: failed to open '/media/pi/8B6D-99CF': Is a directory

This is after i have downloaded the file and unzipped it.



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