Re: Installing draws image concerns

Daniel Sohn

Hello Douglas & all, 

I may have missed parts of this discussion which will make what I suggest below seem really stupid….

Is there any way you can use a Windows PC or a Mac and an open source SD card formatter and image burner previously known as “Etcher” (.exe or .app)  to format the MicroSD independently of the Pi & DRAWS Hat combination?

It is still an Open Source package.

Before being acquired by Balena and moving into the big time IoT,   ‘Etcher' worked extremely well under both OSs formatting your SDMicro for RPi use and burning whatever OS and App image you want onto it., v 1.5.5 installs and acts exactly like 'Etcher’ did with the exception that during it’s install it wants to access more (most only slightly related) web sites.

Before I use it I’ll go back and eliminate all of those cookies and associated Little Snitch permission settings to see if it still works the same.

You might want to simply not agree to all of the cookies it wants in order to see which, if any, it absolutely needs to load and ask you which device you want to format & burn an image on.

Once Etcher finishes the format, burn and verification of the DRAWS Image (& Compass linux), you remove the SD from your attached SD reader/writer and put it in the RPi., reboot the Pi and follow whatever the latest DRAWS instructions are.

Cheers,  ...dan wl7coo

On Mar 23, 2019, at 7:59 PM, Douglas KI7LIK <KI7LIK.AZ@...> wrote:

I changed to the /dev/sdb, when i do a look up for devices, it shows sdb as the the 32 gb device, which what the card is im writing to.  The card in the pi is sixteen gb.  It gives me access denied when i do sdb.

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