Re: Internet Fail & Cell Weakness = Need for Ham Network?

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I'm not so sure it needs to work as you're describing; what I see is that the mesh networks should back up the Internet in areas where they are practical, and link to other areas using other means in case the Internet is down, ss well as linking in smaller node clusters where such exist.
What I'm saying is that mesh networks have a low probability of success anywhere here, and permanent PrP links have the same weaknesses as the telcos and regular repeaters in some of the more common disaster scenarios, and probabilities (Black Saturday did take out some repeaters).

As far as Winlink goes, there are even ways to cope with a loss of Internet there; it all comes down to a desire to be less dependant on commercial networks that may not be a priority in a specific incident case and having the alternative tested and working.
Agree. I'm playing Devils advocate here, because I'm sensing a bit of a "religious" argument creeping in, and I'm saying there's other ways to work without having to build infrastructure. Down here, we can go a lot further, sometimes all that's needed is a supply of skilled operators to man agency radios, so people with hands on skills can be out in the field dealing with the emergency. That is one of the ham roles in this part of the world.

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