Re: Installing draws image

Steve McGrane <temporarilyoffline@...>


  It sounds like you're trying to write the image from your Pi?

  Can you issue an `lsblk` command and tell us anything useful about the drives it shows that you know? (like which ones you don't want to overwrite for example)

  From there we can help you construct a command that should work to burn the image.

  Failing that, etcher on a "real" computer is your best bet.

- Steve

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 10:41 PM Douglas KI7LIK <KI7LIK.AZ@...> wrote:
First, thanks to everyone for helping.  I may be missing something.  I keep getting the same read only errors whether or not the card is in the locked position.

Sunday night and last night i used diskimager, for some reason it didn't work.  After attempting to boot the pi on sunday and nothing happening, i check the card on the pc, it had nothing on it and said it was empty.  I tried again last night, and still nothing.  The card is a pny 32gb micro sdhc card and looks to be a class 1 card.  I formatted to fat 32 before writing the image to the card.  I used the same computer as when i first wrote the raspbian.

I'm thinking its possibly the card or maybe even the user.

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