Re: RPi / DRAWs Connectivity in the Field and at Home #draws #field #networking #avahi


I do the opposite actually. My raspberry pi’s connect to my home network via Ethernet, which I statically map with dhcp and then I set the WiFi on the pi up to be an access point using dnsmasq and hostapd.  Then when I’m in the field, I connect to my pi’s WiFi and use VNC or ssh or whatever. 

I’m just in the middle of configuring a pi with the new Draws_10 image and I do have some notes I could share if interested. 


On Apr 2, 2019, at 16:40, john.chabalko@... wrote:

This is probably more of a RaspberryPI question than it is a DRAWs specific question but i think this is likely a pretty common use case amongst DRAWs users.

I use my RPi/DRAWs at home and outside (remote). At home i have it join my home wifi on boot, i have a static IP address assigned to it at startup via DHCP and a DNS name assigned to that static IP. I connect to it via VNC or ssh/terminal. It works great.

What the configuration to do you use when you're out in the field and want a reliable connection to it via VNC/ssh? I'm assuming setting it up as an access point and connecting to that access point with your tablet laptop, and then to the RPi via VNC? Similar to this (either bridged, or just a standalone access point)?

Does anyone have guidance on the "ideal" or most reliable way to do this for radio use?

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