Re: RPi / DRAWs Connectivity in the Field and at Home #draws #field #networking #avahi


I also haven't figured out yet (due to lack of time on the clock) what the best state for the RPi to be in with regard to internet connectivity. Much of my operating will be done somewhere there's a cell signal, and i can use my phone/tablet as an access point - which would get connectivity to the Pi.

I haven't yet but was going to look into how to get location data from the phone rather than the GPS.

Or should i scratch all that and treat the Pi as a disconnected device except when i'm at home?

I could run a piece of ethernet to it but i've been trying to decrease the amount of wiring i've got running around my radio. The way you suggest though Jim would work for what i'm trying to do. I think i can also have the Pi connect to my home wifi and offer up a different SID for me to connect to it - like you do. I'll look into that as well.

I'll also check out 44 net VPN - thanks for that suggestion Bill

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