Re: Using a PiDrive with Draws Hat #draws #pidrive


Thanks for the reply. And yes I did enable by removing the # and re-booting. I believe the prdrive drew to many amps and it may have blown or weaked the 5 volt regulator. But when I power it up from the pi instead of the 12 volt power it seems like its powered since I get a response from the file. I have contacted NW digital radio and they said its under warranty and to send it in so they can look at it for me. Stellar customer service. I will try on Monday when my new Pi3B+ arrives. If I have the same symptom I will send it in with a copy of I just wanted to alert anyone thinking of doing what I did. I wish I would have read more about power on this. I thought it might be too much with the hardrive and usb hub I have hooked up to my existing PI. Powering up from the PI may be the way to go this this type of configuration. I will keep this updated with results.

On Wed, Apr 3, 2019 at 3:35 PM <john.chabalko@...> wrote:
Did you enable audio? Towards the bottom of this page

Also - when you say it gave you a smoke signal... that doesn't sound good. Do you know what burned up, or on which board it came from?

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