Re: Bridging the digital voice and data gap

"Tony Langdon, VK3JED" <vk3jed@...>

At 07:53 PM 8/1/2012, Matthew Pitts wrote:


Exactly; all of the DV technologies I mentioned use some form of AMBE, so it's a matter of conversion of bit rates and constructing the proper carrier code for the target system. We already have code for D-Star amd can write code for DMR and NXDN as well. The hardest part will be converting from FDMA to TDMA and back, as the time slots could both have information on them that needs to be handled in some way.
Agree totally, all the supervisory information needs to be handled properly. I'd like to see this sort of work happen. As for the technologies, I'm wary of TDMA, because it has inherent range limits (since the speed of light is finite), and over here, distance is king.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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